Kapoor And Sons Movie Download HD

Kapoor and Sons Full Movie Download in HD

Kapoor And Sons Movie Download HDThe handsome hunks Siddharth Malhotra and Fawad Khan are back with a pretty lady to steal the show. With all the glitz and glam, the Kapoor family and Sons that released recently, is a heart-wrenching package of family drama unrolling down. Though with a producer like Karan Johar, this was quite expected from the flick but undoubtedly the predictable endings were not worth investing for. Despite the rough and smooth sides, KAPOOR AND Sons appears to be a flick perfectly matched for a movie hang out with friends and family in the spring evenings of March.


Kapoor And Sons Movie Download

Firstly, the cast of the film plays a great part in inviting the crowd of teenage and round the twenties audience. The tall and handsome Siddharth, the cool, calm and stunningly hot Fawad Khan and the super sweet and sexy Alia is an appealing combination very few people can afford to resist. Now you can get Kapoor and Sons movie download from here. For the aunties and uncles too, the film has an icon. Rishi Kapoor seems to be all charged up for his eternal fan following. Indeed the film has everything that a family drama can offer you. From love to heartbreaks that come with a jilt, from ego to respect and from tears to super mushy dialogues, whatever may be your platter, go ahead and make the choice.

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Download Kapoor & Sons Movie in HD

The Kapoor family possesses all the drama and chaos that often a Bollywood family does. List of accusations without a second thought, angry tantrums, unnecessary emotional chaos are enough elements to prove the un-working of the family equations. Meanwhile the sweet Bhatt girl makes an entry to set out all right, maybe she is the angel diva who gifts the family as well as the flick the best momentum. What comes along is really a whirlpool of sensitively chalked out drama with a perfectly tuned script kept in balance by the strings of the director, Shakun Batra. Just start your Kapoor & Sons movie download in HD Mp4 from here.

The best part of the film is the smooth and seamless development of the drama line. All the characters in the movie have been given fair chances to grow and mature. Even Siddhartha Malhotra, who usually fails to deliver justice to his scenes with his extra stiff roles, seems to have softened down and learn his areas of improvement. Fawad is always a miracle gradually unfolding his skills through the film. Alia is also growing with her age and maturity in her character and this film proves a perfect statement. Rishi Kapoor, Rajat Kapoor and Ratna Pathak have always lived up to their fan’s expectations.

Friday saw a great occupancy rate since the break of morning with college goers as well as family outing in the evenings. Weekends are assumed to bring out more shades of the success graphs of the film. So let’s get all the fun from the “Dysfunction”.  I hope you will like my review on Kapoor & Sons movie. Leave your comments about the movie below.


Box Office Update – We are expecting some huge collections on Box Office for Kapoor & Sons. But it gained only 26 crores in its first weekend. Still there are chances to hit 100 crores mark in next two weeks. Lets see the collection of Kapoor & Sons in the coming weeks.